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Timer used to delay the initial display and avoid flickering .
"For performance reasons and to avoid TreeView" flickering " during an" 出于性能方面的思量,并制止 TreeView 在大型节点更新期间" 闪耀 ",
Canopy beds, trompe l'oeil, flickering candles... Goes with the Louis XV bedroom. 四柱床 错视画法 摇曳 的烛光这样跟路易十五气势派头的寝室比较搭
Dear friend: life is not a candle-light flickering in the wind but a torch igniting a new flame. 我的小伙伴,生活并不是微风中 摇曳 的烛光,而是点燃新火焰的火把。
a shadow of disquiet flickering over his face. Can't work with a flickering light. Lambent applies to a soft, flickering light: But this flickering could indicate a hybrid. My life is but a brief flickering in the darkness. Look, I'm not flickering .
We realized the better HDR while looking around, no more annoying flickering . 我们感觉到在向附近看时,HDR工作得更好了,没有令人烦恼的 闪耀
"and you were bringing the flickering light." But something kept on flickering before my eyes.
There are many negative consequences that result from serving interactive pages in this manner, such as slow page refreshes and flickering . 以此方法使用交互式页面所引起的负面结果有许多,比方,减缓页面刷新和 闪耀
Lights from hurricane lamps flickering about in the forest created the scene of a star-studded sky.
And right after he died, the candle started flickering and then it just went out. 就当他咽气的那一刻 那根蜡烛 闪耀 了几下,突然就熄灭了
First thing I remember is flickering adrift in the cosmos utterly and entirely alone.
Indicating battery condition. Constantly on means normal battery and flickering means abnormal battery. 指示电池状态,常亮表现电池正常, 闪耀 表现电池不同寻常。
Andy enters, backlit by the flickering glare of the projector, and takes a seat next to him. 安迪走了进来,放映机 闪耀 的光束照着他的后背,他找了个座位坐在瑞德旁边。

flickering 是什么意思, flickering 怎么读 语音:

英音 ['flɪkərɪŋ]
美音 ['flɪkərɪŋ]

flickering 基本讲明flickering

adj. 闪耀的;摇曳的;忽隐忽现的;一闪一闪的
v. (通常指灯光)闪耀,摇曳( flicker的如今分词 )

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The bewildering pace and flickering neon of this go-go city guarantee a bit of giddiness .
It 's a tough assignment , since flickering lights naturally draw our attention .
I like watching the leaves flickering in the wind .
I still have a flickering hope that I 'll find the bracelet I lost .
Marriage is a flickering television .



  1. Despite the peace of the early night, lightning was flickering about the horizon.
  2. Perhaps sensing my ineptitude, the program generated a second shooter who appeared on my display as a flickering soldier.


Touch-sensitive flickering illuminantTheta-paced flickering between place-cell maps in the hippocampusFlickering gives early warning signals of a critical transition to a eutrophic lake state.Nonlinear visual responses to flickering sinusoidal gratings.Dopamine neurons release transmitter via a flickering fusion pore.Flickering fusion pores comparable with initial exocytotic pores occur in protein-free phospholipid bilayers.Motion aftereffect with flickering test patterns reveals higher stages of motion processingFlickering fusion pores comparable with initial exocytotic pores occur in protein-free!鈥塸hospholipid鈥塨ilayersAmplitude and phase of responses of macaque retinal ganglion cells to flickering stimuli.Laser-induced incandescence measurements of soot production in steady and flickering methane, propane, and ethylene diffusion flames